What is Knowledge Mobilization?

Knowledge mobilization is a suite of services, tools and processes that enhances the two-way connection and collaboration between research and partners to maximize the social, economic, health and environmental impacts of research. Knowledge mobilization helps make research useful to society.

ResearchImpact-RéseauImpactRecherche (RIR) is Canada’s knowledge mobilization network. RIR is a pan-Canadian network of universities committed to maximizing the impact of academic research for the social, economic, environmental and health benefits of Canadians. RIR members achieve this mandate by investing in knowledge mobilization, supporting collaboration for research and learning and connecting research beyond the bounds of academia. Each member university brings unique strengths to the RIR network.

Each RIR institution supports knowledge mobilization that:

  • Builds and facilitates engagement among researchers, students and partners from the public, community/non-profit and the private sector
  • Supports multi-disciplinary collaborations in the social sciences and humanities, engineering, and the health and natural sciences
  • Develops and shares skills and tools for knowledge mobilization
  • Works with other member institutions to share and evaluate promising knowledge mobilization practices
  • Enables a national advocacy voice for knowledge mobilization