The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) is a public French-language university of international influence, based in Montreal, Quebec. The quality of its programs, its research in social issues and its innovations in the creative arts are the foundation stones of its reputation. UQAM is known for the quality of its teaching, the accessibility of its educators, the priority it gives to practical training, the reception services it offers to foreign students and the liveliness of its campus life. Dynamic and innovative, UQAM offers more than 300 programs at three levels of study through its School of Management and through six faculties: Fine Arts; Communications; Political Science and Law; Science; Education, and Social Sciences. Thanks to recognition won by its professors and students, UQAM ranks among the top research universities in Canada, notably in the social sciences, in the natural sciences, in the area of public health and in the creative arts. Its scholars are grouped into a number of research units including centres and chairs, and into six interdisciplinary institutes. UQAM offers a range of support services for knowledge mobilization in a way to support knowledge translation (dissemination and transfer) and the development of collaborative research. To improve this support and its accessibility, the Office of the Vice-Rector for Research and Creation created a knowledge-mobilization support team, with their representatives being part of the Research and Creation Service, the Partnerships and Innovation Support Service and the Community Outreach Service.

Contact Info

Anik Landry

Agente de recherche et de planification, Service de la recherche et de la création


Julie Médam

Conseillère, Développement de partenariats et soutien à la mobilisation des connaissances, Service des partenariats et du soutien à l’innovation (SEPSI)