University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is developing a Community Engagement Hub. A unique structure in the Canadian post-secondary environment, the primary goal of this new service office is to facilitate or broker partnerships between the University and the Community around both research and student learning opportunities. It activities are premised around a core philosophy that the University’s primary goals for pursuing innovative and high impact research, and providing new and highly relevant student learning opportunities can be enhanced by working with community partners.

The CE Hub will:

  • Provide a highly visible portal (electronic, physical and travelling) through which community partners may connect with the University;
  • Facilitate and broker partnerships between university and community representatives around both research and student learning experiences;
  • Act as an advocate for community engaged research and learning in the University and broader environment;
  • Facilitate communication amongst CE practitioners and units with the intent of developing strong communities of practices, sharing effective strategies, and supporting the development of inter- and multi-disciplinary research and learning opportunities;
  • Support the development and implementation of community engaged opportunities throughout the campus community.

Contact Information

110 Gymnasium Place
Box 5000 RPO University
Saskatoon SK S7N 4J8

Tel: 306-966-2506