Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization Unit at the University of Victoria

The University of Victoria’s Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization unit (RPKM) is a portal for collaborative research partnerships, offering a suite of practical services that support university, community and industry stakeholders in the mobilization of knowledge for societal benefit.

Community Engagement and Knowledge Mobilization Services

Community Engaged Research

RPKM’s Community Liaison Officer (CLO) leads the brokering facilitation of mutually beneficial community–university research partnerships. The CLO is also responsible for the development of institutional mechanisms to build capacity to support community-engaged research at UVic.

Core services include:

  • Partnership-brokering between UVic faculty and students with community or government organizations for mutually beneficial research projects
  • Facilitating and supporting UVic faculty and student partnerships with community, including research agreements, governance structures, cultural protocols and IP, and grant support
  • Guidance to help navigate regulatory processes involved in research (e.g., ethics applications)
  • Support and referral for knowledge mobilization planning and resources
  • Management of community-engaged research agreements between UVic and various levels of government
  • Convening Vancouver Island post-secondary research administrators to improve inter-institutional communication processes
  • Coordination of community-engaged research training and capacity building opportunities
  • Development and implementation of new mechanisms to support capacity for community-engaged research

Knowledge Mobilization

The Knowledge Mobilization (KM) Coordinator actively supports UVic researchers in bridging the gap between knowledge creation and its practical application by providing tools and training in translating research findings into ideas that are ready for action and designed to benefit society. Services centre on assisting faculty and graduate researchers seeking to leverage their research findings using non-traditional mediums (social media, open-access publications, education materials, policy briefs, civically engaged forums like town-hall discussions, Op/Ed pieces, arts-based communications etc.).

Core knowledge mobilization services include:

  • Training on KM best practices, including tips on preparing KM strategies, social media use and links to a wide range of tools and resources
  • Referrals to other existing KM services and opportunities on campus, including open access publishing, the UVic Speakers Bureau and Cafe Scientifique
  • Research communication planning assistance
  • News, events and tool-sharing through the RPKM website and various UVic social media platforms
  • Co-developing communications and special events that promote, celebrate and mobilize research from across the university

Technology Transfer

RPKM also serves as UVic’s industry liaison office, a portal for private sector collaboration and as a commercial launch pad for viable inventions and concepts.

Core technology transfer services include:

  • Facilitating and supporting UVic faculty partnerships with industry, including contract and grant support
  • Market research and commercial pathway assessments for UVic innovations
  • Intellectual property protection (e.g. patent, trademark, etc.)
  • Marketing innovations and expertise to potential industry partners
  • Identifying prototype development, field-demonstration and proof-of-concept funding opportunities

Contact Information

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