Meet a Mobilizer – Laura Milne, University of Victoria

My name is Laura Milne. I grew up in Calgary Alberta, but moved to BC 10 years ago to go to the University of Victoria. After graduating in 2003 with a double major in Sociology and Anthropology, I worked a research assistant in Social Psychology for a while, waitressed on the weekends, and then somewhat spontaneously moved to Xi’an, China in 2006 to spend a year teaching at an English College. Upon returning to Canada in 2007, I stumbled upon the fascinating world of Knowledge Mobilization and Community Based Research, and was offered a job as Coordinator of Knowledge Mobilization here at UVic. The best part of my job is the challenge of coordinating the research needs of various stakeholders and encouraging and supporting collaboration. I also get great satisfaction of seeing how the experiences of individuals and communities can both influence research as well as impact policy.
Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, gardening, reading, attempting to surf, travelling as much as possible, and good, strong coffee. When I am not in my office, I am rarely seen without my dog, Parker. Parker and I really enjoy the active lifestyle and mild climate here on beautiful Vancouver Island, and spend a lot of time hiking and camping with friends. I love music and collecting CDs and vinyl, and I can often be spotted with friends checking out live bands in Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle.

Laura and Parker
Laura and Parker

Laura Milne

One thought on “Meet a Mobilizer – Laura Milne, University of Victoria

  1. hey Laura, I think after i read all that which is about your life, i expect you because you have already been unteresting life as you wrote. Anyway, I would to tell you somethings about myeslf, I am here in Canada in london and I am studying english language, Lol. Sometimes, i feel bored because i think I don’t have enough english sklls although i have been here one year. I like London acutauly, but i will leave it after 5 months because i will start to stay the Universtiy in Oshawa. I found a lot of diffcult life since i arrived Wow. I amigen myself now, when i lost in London because i am not from Canada basically. I am from KSA. Then I am think to change my universtiy because i would to move to Victoria. However, I would like to take your opnion if you have a information, or If you have an advices to tells them to me. Thank you and have a nice weekend… 🙂

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