Merry Mobilizing from the KMb Unit at York

Photos of staff from the KMb Unit at York

Merry Mobilizing from the Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York University!

Back row left to right:

Paula Elias, Research Translation Assistant

Jane Wedlock, Knowledge Mobilization Officer at the United Way York Region

Christina Ransom, Data and Communications Assistant

Krista Jensen, Knowledge Mobilization Officer

Michael Johnny, Manager, Knowledge Mobilization

Front row left to right:

Sabah Haque, Research Translation Assistant

David Phipps, Executive Director – Research & Innovation Services

2 Responses to “Merry Mobilizing from the KMb Unit at York”

written by smortoncrfr On 20 December 2012 Reply

Did you take this in the summer? We are not wearing T-shirts here at this time of year! Happy holidays and all the best for a busy knowledge mobilizing 2013!

written by researchimpact On 27 December 2012 Reply

We actually took this in August hoping it would look different from the winter snow…but we didn’t have any winter snow until today so the effect was kind of lost!

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