Aboriginal Policy Research Forum

“An exciting experiment,” is how David Phipps, Director of the Office of Research Services (ORS) at York University, described the Aboriginal Policy Research Forum, on January 14, 2008. The forum, the first of its kind in Canada, used broadband technology to bring together researchers, policymakers, and citizens from across the country to discuss Aboriginal issues. A key focus of the forum was knowledge translation: the sharing of knowledge between diverse audiences, from academics to community decision-makers….Click here to read more.

ResearchImpact coming soon to a conference near you!

ResearchImpact made its debut at Congress 2007 in Saskatoon.  Since then ResearchImpact has been featured at CUExpo (Victoria, May 2008), Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (Toronto, February 2008), Canadian Association of University Research Administrators (Halifax, May 2008) and Fathers Involvement Research Alliance (Toronto, April 2008).  All of these events have provided excellent opportunities for ResearchImpact to reach out to diverse stakeholders and communities.  ResearchImpact will once again be exhibiting at Congress 2008 (Vancouver, May 30-June 8, 2008) and will be featured in the open session on Knowledge Mobilization on June 3.  Come visit ResearchImpact in booth 51 of the Book Fair.

Welcome to “Mobilize This!”

ResearchImpact, Canada’s emerging national knowledge mobilization network, is pleased to launch its new blog. Welcome!



For those of you who are new to knowledge mobilization (KM), this blog is a space where you can learn:


  • what KM is
  • who our people are
  • what they do
  • and how all of this can help you.


For those who are already familiar with KM, this blog will give you an opportunity to keep up with the latest activities at ResearchImpact: events, funding opportunities, success stories, and interesting articles on diverse aspects of KM.


Whether you’re a university researcher, a policy-maker, a representative of a community organization, or just an interested observer, this blog is for you! Please come back next week for regular content, including updates from the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, where we’ll be featured in an open session on June 3. You can also check out our Web site at www.researchimpact.ca for more information.

Thanks again for visiting!