Postcards from Congress: Day 1 – ResearchImpact is Number 1 at Congress!

What Happened: ResearchImpact-Réseau Impact Recherche (RI-RIR) is exhibiting for the 4th year at Congress at the Bookfair. Among the 53 exhibitors that are located throughout Concordia, we have been assigned booth #1, and enjoy a premium location adjacent to the participant registration desk.
Why is it important: Exhibiting at Congress is extremely important to the RI-RIR network. With growing interest from the Canadian academic research community around knowledge mobilization, we want researchers to think of RI-RIR when they think about KMb.
Final Thoughts: In four years RI-RIR has undergone tremendous growth. We represent six universities now from our original two, and we also possess leadership in the theoretical and practical understanding/application of KMb. It is this knowledge that is driving our vision of RI-RIR to ultimately have an affiliation with all Canadian universities. And with that we look forward to our week in Montreal, and next year in Fredericton and the year afterward in Waterloo… and so on! We are number 1 for a reason, after all!

RI-RIR Booth at Congress 2010

One thought on “Postcards from Congress: Day 1 – ResearchImpact is Number 1 at Congress!

  1. It’s impressive to see how ResearchImpact/Réseau Impact Recherche has grown in such a relatively short period of time from two initial universities to six. Such visibility at Congress 2010 creates even greater awareness of Canada’s leading Knowledge Mobilization network among Canadian academics, researchers and policy makers. Through Congress the word is getting out to other universities. You’ve built a great #1 network. It would be great to see it as a truly national network affiliated with all Canadian universities.

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