Developing Research Summaries

Current research summaries that are prepared by researchers are not always useful or relevant to non-academic decision  makers. Adopting a standard format that summarizes key outcomes and recommendations, while providing greater access to these summaries, has been demonstrated to more effectively capture and communicate the outcomes of research for non-academic audiences, connect decision makers to academic researchers and ultimately help academic research to inform decision-making.

Using a common template, research summaries were developed by the KMb Unit at York University to capture the results and impacts of research. These summaries communicate the key messages of research findings in a simple and effective format. Summaries were written by York students and staff trained in clear language writing and design principles, and were approved by the researchers. Approved summaries were then posted onto into a searchable database.

If you are interested in more information about how we developed our clear language research summaries, you can read this document outlining the process we use to develop our clear language research summaries- Developing Clear Language Research Summaries. You can also contact us at for more information.