Social Inclusion for Health and Well Being in Program Evaluation – Thursday, April 30

The York Institute of Health Research led a dynamic and participatory conference that drew a capacity audience of almost 100 registrants. Supported by the Ministry of Research and Innvoaiton and York University, YIHR is home to an emerging Evaluation Unit that will be offering evaluation services and capacity building. The KM Unit at York was invited to prepare a poster presentation demonstrating its capacity to support program evaluation and social inclusion collaboration via the knowledge broker model. There were a number of conversations that ensued and there was much interest and curiosity from many participants who were not familiar with knowledge mobilization or the capacity that York has built to support KM. Conference organizers were successful in bringing together numerous presenters who shared their experiences and beliefs for social inclusion that promote health and wellness. Program evaluation is important to ensure that programs are aligned to achieve these objectives. Keynote presenter, Daniele Zanotti of the United Way of York Region, summarized the day well with this comment, “This work is the essential ingredient to get communities working together”. Following a morning of panel presentations participants were able to engage in workshops led by university researchers and their community collaborators.
People are invited to visit the YIHR web site for more information on the conference, including copies of all poster presentations and PowerPoint presentations from panel presenters.

Social Inclusion and Program Evaluation Models to Support Social Innovation
Social Inclusion and Program Evaluation Models to Support Social Innovation

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