Tweet a Mobilizer- January 26 at Noon EST

On Wednesday, January 26, ResearchImpact will be hosting our first ever Tweet a Mobilizer event on TweetChat. Here are the details:
Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Time: 12 noon to 1:00 pm EST
In order to take part in this event you must sign up for a Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account, go to and click on the sign up button and follow the instructions to create a profile.
Here are the instructions on how to participate:
1- To sign in: sign into your profile on and then go to TweetChat at
2- To find us: type in KMbTaM in the ‘Enter hashtag to follow’ box

3- To join in: when you get to the conversation page, click the ‘Sign In’ button

4- To allow access: click ‘Allow’ for access

5- Tweet a Mobilizer: Type any questions, answers or comments and hit the ‘update’ button

    4 thoughts on “Tweet a Mobilizer- January 26 at Noon EST

    1. Wonderful news!
      Have you selected a topic for the event?
      (Is there any advance reading material that would be of value? or websites, videos, etc.)?
      Peter West

    2. Hello Peter,
      Thank you for the reply and your enthusiasm toward the event. We’re excited about piloting something new that we feel has great potential in expanding the dialogue around the work of knowledge brokering.
      To answer your questions, as this is our inaugural event we have decided to keep it open-ended and allow the participants to create the agenda/content for the conversation. In our planning, we have explored the idea of thematic conversations for subsequent events and I am confident these would have some opportunities for reading/preparation. The feedback we receive after Wednesday will help support the ongoing planning and development of these conversations. We would appreciate any thoughts and ideas you may have after the event!
      In terms of reading materials or other resources, absent a theme or topic area that will drive the dialogue, I do not know if it is appropriate to share anything. However, if curiosity gets the better of you and you’d like to read about knowledge brokering, Lavis, Phipps, Levesque, Hart and Wolff (among others) have written excellent information on this topic (both in academic journals and blogs). The following is an article I have enjoyed:
      Ward, V., House A., and Hamer S (2009) Knowledge Brokering: the missing link in the evidence to action chain. Evidence and Policy 5(3): 267-279
      I hope to ‘chat’ with you next Wednesday. Please feel free to follow up with me with any further questions via this blog, or @mobilizemichael
      Thanks, Michael

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