3 I’s Stakeholder Analysis Template

This is a framework that can be used to analyze and characterize stakeholders surrounding your impact project. It begins by defining the 3 i’s (interest, influence, impact) and then uses these three key concepts to categorize stakeholders using a Stakeholder Typology chart. The authors also include a detailed workshop facilitation plan for users to incorporate the 3 i’s in their own stakeholder analysis.

What our reviewers had to say

It is unique and innovative. I loved the definitions from the outset and that they asked questions both positively and negatively and presented two “levels” of the 3 i’s. I also loved the stakeholder typology framework and stakeholder analysis template. I will recommend to my own organization.

This tool is useful when first conceptualizing a project and better understanding who the various stakeholders might be and their positioning, or at the stage of a project where stakeholder engagement has become critical.