Broadening Perspectives on Broadening Participation in STEM

This is a suite of professional development tools to help informal STEM education and science communication groups reflect on and strengthen their efforts to broaden participation in STEM. Any researchers in the STEM fields would find this tool helpful especially the summary for stakeholders guide.

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What our reviewers had to say

There are plenty of resources for multiple kinds of knowledge workers and stakeholders; good messaging examples in practice briefs and conversation guides.

My favourite part was the acknowledgement on page three on the summary for stakeholders: “Informal educators who champion broadening participation efforts, for example, often report that they feel marginalized in their institutions. Their work is sometimes treated as an afterthought, or even an annoyance. Frequently they feel that they are token representatives within organizations that are structurally resistant to change, despite the best of intention.” It is the main indicator that this is not easy work and you’ll likely be met with pushback.

The creator of this tool is supported by the National Science Foundation awards DRL-1612739 and DRL-1842633, with previous support under DRL-1212803 and DRL-0638981.