KMb Modules

Welcome to the RIC Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) modules!

This page has freely accessible online e-modules, each focused on a specific skill important in KMb. These online modules are stand-alone and can be completed in any order at any time.

The purpose of these modules is to:

  • Introduce important KMb skills in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner
  • Build your skillset in knowledge mobilization
  • Provide tools and additional resources for increased uptake
  • Apply this training directly to your own work

We hope these modules will allow participants to build their skillsets in order better communicate ideas and innovations generated from research.

Click on the links below to view each module!

This course was funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre. With more training in these applicable KMb skills, employees and employers can succeed in the labour market, and ensure that local, regional, and national economies thrive. Any omissions in fact or interpretation remain the sole responsibility of the authors. The findings do not necessarily reflect the views of the Future Skills Centre, its funder, or its partners.

Storytelling – Humanize the numbers

Thank you for your interest in our course module, Humanize the numbers. Humanize the numbers is only one of the course modules of the Storytelling course. While statistics may be important, it is also critical to communicate the stories of people behind these numbers in your narrative. A person’s story can make your narrative more […]

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A start-to-finish guide to building and navigating partnerships

Purposes of partnerships are diverse: research, financial, social responsibility, etc. The current module is dedicated to the general principles and common practices for developing and navigating several types of partnerships, including for the purpose of knowledge mobilization and impact. It is structured as follows: Determining partnership needs and goals Determining who to partner with Initiating contact and developing an […]

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Accessible & Inclusive Event Planning for Knowledge Mobilization

The purpose of this module is to provide individuals and organizations with practical tips, resources, and the skills needed to host an accessible and inclusive event. Throughout this module you will gain a better understanding in the following areas: The importance of event planning for knowledge mobilization The definition of an accessible and inclusive event […]

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Infographic Design for Knowledge Mobilization

There are many essential skills within knowledge mobilization (KMb). This module fits within communication skills, specifically focusing on creating visuals and infographics.  By the end of this module you will…  Learn the role of infographics in research and evidence mobilization, Become familiar with basic design principles for infographics, Understand how to summarize research evidence for […]

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