Dissemination Guide of Guides

Dissemination is an important step in the Co-Produced Pathway to Impact (CPPI) which is the framework adopted by Kids Brain Health Network NCE that guides the Network’s research to impact processes. The KT Core sought and reviewed existing dissemination planning resources and distilled them into this annotated compendium of dissemination planning guides. Whether you are […]

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KMb Goal Setting Guide

Before starting to even plan your knowledge mobilization activities, it is important to develop clear goals to help guide the direction of your activities. Research Impact Canada has developed an introductory guide to help you start developing your knowledge mobilization goals. […]

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Knowledge Mobilization Needs Assessment Planner

This Knowledge Mobilization Needs Assessment Planner is meant to assist organizations by helping them assess the knowledge mobilization skills and needs of employees. Organizations can use the information gathered to develop knowledge mobilization training, support services and skills development to better equip employees and improve their ability to contribute to the knowledge mobilization agenda. Click […]

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Plain Language Writing Checklist

This checklist is a useful primer for those who are in the process of developing written materials for lay audiences. The checklist covers appropriate word choice and document design, as well as knowledge translation principles. This simple tool is appropriate for various disciplines and impact work types. What our reviewers had to say There is […]

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