Conversations to Connections

Conversations to Connections | Conversations aux connexions

Central to our partnership with the Future Skills Centre (FSC) mission is the establishment of a pan-Canadian community of practice that serves to support knowledge sharing, collaboration, provide learning opportunities and foster the empowerment for professionals across the workforce and skills development ecosystem. This ambitious endeavor has been guided by our Conversations to Connections (C2C) initiative, a collaborative effort led by Research Impact Canada in partnership with FSC.  
The value of C2C lies in its direct engagement with practitioners from the workforce and skills development sector across Canada. This engagement served a dual purpose: fostering meaningful relationships with practitioners and capturing their invaluable insights. These insights helped form the foundations of our growing community of practice. 
In Depth Sector Analysis Report  
Through an evidence-based lens, C2C meticulously identified practitioner priorities, challenges, regional distinctions, and engagement preferences. These critical elements have been well documented and analyzed, providing us with a roadmap for the future. The C2C Report dives deep into the insights and experiences of practitioners, shedding light on critical sector areas. Throughout the document, you’ll find actionable recommendations that have the power to drive practical changes for your organization and for those across our sector, with the aim of strengthening the Canadian skills and workforce development ecosystem.  
Interactive Brief 
Our interactive research brief offers a visually engaging snapshot of key takeaways from the central findings from C2C. Share this resource within your network to spread knowledge and inspire conversations about the future of workforce development. 
In this webinar, we explored regional-specific distinctions, sector themes, and challenges identified through Conversations to Connections, giving you valuable insights into the state of the sector. 
The Conversations to Connections initiative has laid a strong foundation for the Canadian skills and workforce development community, capturing the current perspectives and priorities of professionals in the field. Together, we are driving evidence-based change and building a brighter future for our sector. 
We invite you to share these resources within your network to spread knowledge and inspire conversations about the future of workforce development.