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Research Impact Canada is a pan-Canadian community of practice focused on helping universities and other research organizations across the country maximize the impact of research to benefit their communities.

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Research Impact Canada publishes an annual report highlighting the initiatives and activities of the network.

Annual Report 2022
Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2019

We are a bilingual network and have made a commitment to facilitating participation in both languages. Below you can find some guidelines and resources that have been developed.

RIC’s Bilingualism Framework
The Bilingualism Framework presents RIC’s fundamental principles and major directives specifying how it seeks to facilitate the use of either official language (French or English) in all its communications and activities. The Framework was presented and officially adopted on the occasion of RIC’s Annual Meeting in September 2022.

Bilingualism Guidelines for Meetings and Events
This is a short, one-page checklist detailing in simple steps how to make sure to follow RIC’s Bilingualism Framework while preparing a meeting or event. Keep it handy!

Guide to Bilingual PowerPoint Presentations
This guide offers a step-by-step procedure (2 clicks) to activate translated subtitles in PowerPoint, enabling to speak one language and display a live script in another language.

Towards a Bilingual Network – An Overview of Best Practices
Towards a Bilingual Network presents a summary of RIC’s research as to the current best practices to introduce bilingualism into an organization. This research, led by RIC’s Bilingualism Committee, directly informed the development of the Bilingualism Framework.

In 2019, Research Impact Canada (RIC) underwent an evaluation of the network’s progress towards their ultimate goal (vision) of being, “A globally leading network which supports researchers, students and their partners to demonstrate the contribution to and impact of research excellence.” To evaluate the network’s progress towards this goal, this first phase of the RIC evaluation gathered initial data on the Governance Committee’s perspectives about the usefulness and use of RIC’s knowledge mobilization (KMb) capacity-building activities.

Phase 1 Report

Phase 2 Report

Further evaluations of the network’s activities are underway.

Research Impact Canada hosts an annual meeting for our members as an opportunity to connect, exchange ideas and resources, and imagine initiatives and priorities for Research Impact Canada’s future. It’s become one of our most well-received activities. 

We plan a robust agenda, with workshops, guest speakers, and opportunities for network members to showcase and share their work within their own institutions. See an example here. 

Curious about what our members think? Check out the Evaluation Reports about our Annual Meetings.


RIC Annual Meeting 2022
RIC Annual Meeting 2021
RIC Annual Meeting 2020


RIC Annual Meeting 2023
RIC Annual Meeting 2022
RIC Annual Meeting 2021

New Member Welcome Kit
The Welcome Kit provides an overview of the Research Impact Canada organizational structure, ongoing initiatives, and other important information.