New book from Julie Bayley helps us all develop an impact literate mindset

My colleague and co-author, Julie Bayley from the Lincoln Impact Literacy Institute (UK) has published “Creating Meaningful Impact: The Essential Guide to Developing an Impact-Literate Mindset”. She describes the book in her blog post that she has given us permission to repost in Mobilize This! As all things Julie, this book has serious content presented with humour and lots of anecdotes. I encourage you to order the book and enjoy some time with Julie.

Creating Meaningful Impact: The Essential Guide to Developing an Impact-Literate Mindset”, published by Emerald, focuses on demystifying impact and providing principles for literate, healthy practice. Drawing on a many years’ experience across the sector, Julie covers what impact is (and isn’t), explains impact literacy, and considers ethical and practical challenges, before offering eight principles of practice. Julie said:

I’m delighted to have had the chance to write this book, and am indebted to colleagues quoted throughout it for adding such valuable and candid insights. It’s so common for people to feel battered and bruised by impact, especially within the wider pressures of academia, but at its heart it’s a joyous opportunity to make a difference in the world. By covering not only what impact is, but also reflecting on the challenges of doing impact within the wider pressures of academia, my aim is to help people understand impact, find their place in it, and to be able to do impact in a meaningful, healthy way. And if I can do that whilst mentioning imposter syndrome, jerks, unicorns, strip clubs, glitter cannons, porridge and Murder She Wrote, then all the better

The book can be pre-ordered now via Emerald, or directly from Amazon UKAmazon EU or Amazon US