If a picture is worth a thousand words….

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? Recent videos show that this format is useful for telling our stories and beginning discussions.
David Phipps of ResearchImpact-York has been featured in a number of video presentations recently. These videos each illustrate different issues or opportunities for KMb practice in Canada and demonstrate that short videos are a useful means of disseminating knowledge. And since these are all posted on You Tube, the videos become social media because you can “like” a video, “share” a video, or comment on a video this turning the one way dissemination into a two (or more) way dialogue.
ResearchImpact-RéseauImpactRecherche (RI-RIR) now has 23 uploads on its ResearchImpact You Tube channel plus an additional three that are posted as favourites (which means another group has produced and posted them but we can link our channel to them). Of those we have posted (including videos produced by RI-RIR universities York, MUN, UQAM and USask), we also have videos produced by Rogers TV (posted and reproduced with permission, thank you), ORION and the Canadian Science Policy Centre.
Video #1: David Phipps and Janice Chu (United Way of York Region) talk on Rogers TV show “Daytime” which aired on October 7, 2010. Janice spoke about UWYR Strength Investments which is a new investment strategy for UWYR allowing it to invest in community strengths while still maintaining support for traditional community agencies. David spoke about Change Inc., which we have previously written about in Mobilize This!. Change Inc. is a social innovation incubator led by York U and UWYR to seed and foster new social innovations and social innovators in York Region.
Video #2: David Phipps talks to ORION about the social networking platform, O3. York’s KMb Unit uses O3 to support KMb activities and to support an RI-RIR loosely led KMb community of practice. You can read previous blogs about our use of O3 and other social media by clicking on the “social media” tag in the tag cloud on Mobilize This!.
Video #3: David Phipps speaks at the KTKB Workshop associated with the Canadian Science Policy Conference. David speaks about how RI-RIR universities are providing professional knowledge brokers to support relationships between researchers and their research partners. He also discusses recent thinking about our limited ability to evaluate the impact of systems of KMb.
Videos are worth more than a thousand words (I’ve used 424 words just to talk about them here). Video might have killed the radio star (thank you The Buggles) but it is helping RI-RIR spread the word about institutional KMb services.
Click on the pic below for a blast from the past…