Social Inclusion for Health and Well Being in Program Evaluation – April 30

York Institute for Health Research (YIHR)
Social Inclusion for Health and Well Being in Program Evaluation
Thursday April 30, 2009, 8:30am-5:00pm, York University
The York Institute for Health Research is hosting a full-day workshop on program evaluation and social inclusion to launch their a program eavluation centre. The day includes a keynote address by Daniele Zanotti, CEO of the United Way for York Region, presentations by academic and community partners, and workshops on evaluation including arts-based evaluation and program evaluation methodology.
This event brings together academic and community researchers and professionals from health and health-related areas to share their knowledge and experiences in evaluating access and equity goals in program outcomes, as well as the strengths and challenges of applying social inclusion principles to program evaluation processes.
Issues of diversity and social inclusion have an impact on how programs and services are delivered to meet a wide range of client needs. Thus, diversity and social inclusion are critical to the evaluation of programs and their effectiveness. Funding agencies increasingly expect community organizations to conduct evidence-based program evaluations to demonstrate that their programs are making a difference for their diverse clients, and that their programs achieve social inclusion goals.
Through attending this workshop, you will:
• Learn methods and tools for program evaluation;
• Learn the importance of social inclusion and evaluation in designing your project
• Learn about innovative program evaluation projects;
• Learn about the challenges of doing program evaluations;
• Develop networking opportunities for future research and program alliances, including connecting with the Centre for Program Evaluation;
• Share resources for professional use and development;
• Learn from funding bodies about programs, resources, expectations and trends for social inclusion and doing program evaluation with diverse populations.
Intended Audience
This event provides an opportunity for academics, community and advocacy group members, policy analysts, funders, independent and student researchers to share their experiences and knowledge of program evaluation and research on diversity and social inclusion.
Researchers and professionals from a diverse range of health/healthcare, health-related and policy sectors including, but not limited to, women’s, ethno-specific, disability, lesbian/gay/bisexual/ transgender/queer (LGBTQ), Aboriginal, senior, youth and immigrant health services, and diversity, access and equity groups will attend panel sessions and workshops, and be invited to share poster presentations on the conference topic from a variety of disciplines.
Registration is $25 and space is limited so act now! The registration deadline is April 15th, 2009. To receive a registration form, please contact Dr. Yuka Nakamura at