Arts-Based Approaches to KT in Health Policy Development Webinar with Susan Cox – July 7, 2017

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KT Connects: Knowledge Translation Webinar Series
The Michael Smith Foundation of Health Research and Arthritis Research Canada have partnered to co-develop and host a series of monthly expert-led, beginner-level KT training webinars with the goal of developing a sustainable resource for researchers and trainees to learn knowledge and skills that will enable them to develop KT practice in their work.
Title: Arts-based approaches to KT in health policy development
Speaker: Susan M. Cox, Ph.D Associate Professor
Acting Director, The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics
School of Population and Public Health
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
In this webinar, participants will be introduced to the range of literary, performative and visual methods used in arts-based approaches to KT. Specific challenges and opportunities related to using these innovative KT approaches in the field of health policy development will be considered through closer examination of a series of examples drawn from my own as well as colleagues’ work. The webinar will conclude with reflections on ethical and methodological issues arising and tips on where to turn for resources and support.
Learning objectives:
1. Explore the range of arts-based approaches to KT
2. Identify challenges and opportunities related to using arts-based approaches in health policy development
3. Consider examples of KT projects utilizing live theatre, found poetry and visual methods to inform health policy development.
4. Reflect on ethical and methodological issues arising from examples
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