Free Access to Building the Concept of Research Impact Literacy Article

We are pleased to announce that this article written by Julie Bayley and David Phipps and published in Evidence & Policy, was one of the Journal’s top five most read articles published in 2017. Due to its popularity, the article will be free to access during the month of February 2018. You can access the article here.
Baley, J. E. & Phipps, D. (2017). Building the concept of research impact literacy. Evidence & Policy.
Impact is an increasingly significant part of academia internationally, both in centralised assessment processes (for example, UK) and funder drives towards knowledge mobilisation (for example, Canada). However, narrowly focused measurement-centric approaches can encourage short-termism, and assessment paradigms can overlook the scale of effort needed to convert research into effect. With no ‘one size fits all’ template possible for impact, it is essential that the ability to comprehend and critically assess impact is strengthened within the research sector. In this paper we reflect on these challenges and offer the concept of impact literacy as a means to support impact at both individual and institutional levels. Opportunities to improve impact literacy are also discussed.