Call for Content: Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum #CKF16

Institute for Knowledge Mobilization logoOn behalf of the Board of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization and the Chair and Planning Committee of the 2016 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum #CKF16,  it is our pleasure to announce the Call for Content for #CKF16
The theme for this year is: Systems and Sustainability – Creating enduring Knowledge Mobilization
The deadline for contribution is March 31, 2016. 
Download Call for Content: FinalDraft_CKF16 Call for Content
Download this form to contribute content: CKF16 Call for Content Form
The Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum was created in 2012 as a professional development forum for practitioners, researchers, students and professionals working in knowledge mobilization across fields and sectors.
It has become recognized as a premiere learning and networking event in Canada – friendly, open, limited in size, and creative. Events have been held in Ottawa (2012), Mississauga (2013), Saskatoon (2014), and Montréal (2015) and is scheduled for June 28-29 in Toronto (2016)
The theme for 2016 is: Systems and Sustainability – Creating enduring Knowledge Mobilization
This theme will challenge us all to consider our interests in knowledge mobilization in the context of the world around us. Being the fifth annual Forum, we invite participation that will push thinking and engagement of the knowledge mobilization community further. The Forum will be hosted by York University at The Hospital for Sick Children’s Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning. This world class venue will facilitate active participation, networking, reflection and learning. Further, the planning committee is offering some additional alternative sessions, some of which will be held in other downtown locations to provide unique experiences for participants.
We are driven by an objective of allowing you to design your own conference experience that reflects your interests, experience, priorities and learning styles. Drawing on the assets of the Greater Toronto Area, leaders in knowledge mobilization from all across Canada and beyond, it is our hope you will come away from #CKF16 enriched, energized and engaged in this field like never before.
Our objectives are:
Build on the past successes of the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, making this a preeminent event to learn and engage about knowledge mobilization in Canada
Build individual and organization capacity for knowledge mobilization
Learn about work in other sectors to enable innovation, partnerships and collaboration
Engage with leaders to influence future directions
Meet the next generation of leaders and create opportunities to mentor and coach
Access the latest tools, techniques and opportunities.
The 2016 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum is seeking contributions for content, which addresses the overall theme of Systems and Sustainability, and links to the subthemes of:
Subtheme 1 Structures – What (for example: KMb across sectors; funding KMb; role of brokers)
Subtheme 2 Processes – How (for example: KMb tool boxes; networks; communities of practice)
Subtheme 3 Technology – Technology and Tools (for example: KMb and social media; yaffle; web 3.0)
We are also introducing a something new, The Knowmo Scale. Here, we’re inviting presenters to consider their audience. Consider this our own unique variation of the Scoville Unit scale.
Is your presentation targeting early KMb professionals? If so, you would check off Knowmo 1.
Will you focus on more experienced practitioners in KMb? If so, you would check off Knowmo 2.
Does your presentation seek to engage KMb leaders in the field? If so, please check off Knowmo 3.
Knowmo 1 Early KMb Professionals / Students
Knowmo 2 KMb Practitioners / Researchers
Knowmo 3 KMb Ninjas! (leaders in the field; a more advanced conversation on KMb issues)
We are seeking the following:
1) Catalyst Presentations of 7 minutes each.
For each session, a small group of presenters will each engage the audience with a focused 7-minute presentation.  Feel free to be provocative or pose questions.  This will be followed by a 45-minute group discussion of the ideas presented, the connections that emerge, and implications for knowledge mobilization practice.  People can apply individually or identify other presentation proposals they would like to be considered grouped with.
The value of these sessions emerges from the EXCHANGE of all participants.  The presenters create a catalyst to conversation.  Each session will be moderated by a session Chair.
2) Poster Presentations
Recommended max poster size is 36”/92cm high by 60”/152 cm wide.  The posters will be juried by an expert panel of knowledge mobilization practitioners.  Posters will be profiled at a specific event and you will have two minutes to share ‘what you need to know’ about your poster with all participants.
There are 20 openings for poster presentations.
3) Professional Development Workshops or Information Presentations of 40 minutes each
Workshops are an opportunity to share methods and tools useful to the practice of knowledge mobilization professionals in an interactive and engaging format.  The aim is to help participants to improve their skills and understanding of KMb and to become better mobilizers.
Alternatively, people are welcome to submit presentations which are less interactive and more informative.
For both, participants are welcome to consider non-traditional approaches for this exchange process: Fireside Chat; Debate; Panel Presentations or others.
4) Film and Fine Arts Dissemination of Collaborative Research – Approx. 15-30 minutes
Collaborative teams are invited to share examples of knowledge products within Fine Arts (movies, documentary, music, dance, visual art, poetry etc.) for an evening performance (think TIFF, but for KMb).   3 teams will have 30 minutes to both preview and speak to their knowledge products, sharing what they did, why they chose that and the desired impact using that medium.
There are 3 openings for Fine Arts Dissemination of Collaborative Research.
All contributions will be reviewed by an independent selection committee and judged for quality of content, the opportunity to advance our understanding of knowledge mobilization, and relevance to the theme of the 2016 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum.
The deadline for contribution is March 31, 2016. 
Please fill the Call for Content Form and send to:
Note: Selected content must be presented by a registered participant at the 2016 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum in Toronto, Ontario, June 28-29, 2016.
Further details will be posted on the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization’s website: