Call for Presentations – Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI)

Call for Presentations

Does your community organization work in collaboration with an academic institution? Does your work at an academic organization include active collaboration with community members? The Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI) wants to know:

  • How do you and your collaborators work together in creative ways?
  • How do you collaborate in ways that address community interests and create mutual benefits?
  • How do you work together to achieve shared goals?
  • How do you overcome challenges and barriers?
  • How do you work together to achieve positive social change?
  • How do you generate and measure impact?

CESI will be providing a forum to showcase novel and varied approaches to community engaged work to a wide audience on October 29th, 2018 in Guelph, Ontario. We are keen to learn more about the different ways that people in various roles and locations pursue community-university collaborations. We are seeking contributions that touch on the following topics:

  • Creative and critical approaches to community-university collaboration
  • Unconventional models and methods of collaboration
  • Flexible approaches to working within a bureaucracy
  • Addressing systemic and structural challenges

We welcome a broad range of presentation formats and approaches to community-university collaboration. Formats may include, but are not limited to: presentations, workshops, discussions, musical and other creative performances, and experiential offerings such as multimedia presentations.

Please submit a 150-word description of your proposed contribution, along with the names and affiliations of all presenters to by September 10th. Please also indicate the format of your contribution and any technical or other resources you require. We encourage collaborative presentations highlighting both academic and community expertise.

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