Clear Language Writing and Design Workshops

Matthew Shulman
Matthew Shulman

On July 29, the Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York hosted a half-day workshop for York graduate students and non-academic research collaborators on Clear Language Writing and Design.  The session, titled « Write for the Reader » says it all.  The hands-on workshop, led by Matthew Shulman, Executive Director of the Peel Halton Dufferin Adult Learning Network  provided principles and examples of reader-centred writing.  Adopting an action-oriented approach to writing – what do you want the reader to do – supports effective communication.
The common interest for all participants was the development and utilization of clear language research summaries. York’s KM Unit has developed a library of research summaries (read the  Mobilize This! story here). Graduate students present, will produce two ResearchSnapshot summaries which will be added to the library in exchange for the training they received. For the graduate students, who are emerging academics, this training enhances their academic skills and supports their capacity to promote the utilization of their own research and their own engagement with non academic research partners.  Dr. Sandra Cunning, Director of Research and Evaluation with Kinark Child and Family Services,  along with two of her colleagues also attended, demonstrating that this workshop provides great value for our non-academic collaborators as well. 
Clear Language WorkshopFor more information on Clear Language Writing and Design workshops please contact me, Michael Johnny, at There is a workshop tentatively scheduled for August 18.
P.S. Seems I need to attend more of Matthew’s sessions as this blog post is registering at a Grade 13 level.