Informing policy and practice / Modeler les pratiques et les politiques

At the University of Victoria, the Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization unit (RPKM) is a campus and community-wide portal to support the development of transformative research. We bring outstanding researchers together with community partners to co-create knowledge for action –knowledge that is mobilized to improve the social, cultural and economic well-being of communities throughout our region and around the globe. Here’s a look at some of our projects with community partners in 2014.
À l’Université de Victoria, l’unité Partenariats en recherche et Mobilisation des connaissances (Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization unit, RPKM) est un portail ouvert aux gens du campus et de la communauté, destiné à soutenir et à renforcer la recherche transformatrice. Nous réunissons des chercheurs exceptionnels et des partenaires de la communauté afin qu’ils créent ensemble un savoir en action – un savoir mobilisé dans le but d’améliorer le bien-être social, culturel et économique des collectivités de notre région et du monde entier. Voici quelques-uns des projets en cours en 2014.

Masters students tackle BC-related research questions through UVic course.
GS505 photo
GS 505 students, instructors and mentors from the course’s 2013 / 2014 session

Students at UVic have an incredible opportunity to develop their research skills while helping to improve the lives of BC’s children and families, thanks to a course titled Graduate Studies 505.
GS 505: Research and Evaluation in Children, Youth and Family Services Policies is a multi-disciplinary internship, spearheaded by UVic Knowledge Mobilization Services and instructed by Drs. Gord Miller and Wayne Mitic, (School of Child and Youth Care). Students in the course learn about research and evaluation techniques and select one research question to explore, aided in their investigations by mentors from the MCFD.
“Through this experience, I was able to research an issue close to my heart and work with professionals directly engaged in the topic area,” explains a GS 505 student from the 2013/14 session. After the students complete their research, they share their findings with Ministry officials, enabling these government practitioners and policy-makers to address pressing research needs within their areas of responsibility.
“[Our office] has greatly benefited from UVic students involved in the research course,” says a ministry official from the Provincial Office of Domestic Violence (PODV). “[The students’] hard work, diverse perspectives and involvement has enriched PODV’s work in the last two years and is greatly appreciated.”
With projects including research on adoption, special needs, youth justice, mental health, early years and child welfare, this innovative course develops UVic students’ research skills while giving them a chance to change the lives of BC families.
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