It’s KM in the AM Season – the hunt for collaboration

Wow, hard to imagine we are entering the fourth academic year for York’s popular, flagship program, KM in the AM.  September 25, bright and early, saw the launch of the first event of this year on Chronic Disease Management (CDM).  Key collaborators who led this event are Dr. Sherry Grace (Faculty of Health and Research Scientist with York Central Hospital (YCH), Cynthia Parsons (Coordinator, Cardiac Rehabilitation, YCH) and Carla Palmer (Director, Community Programs, Partnerships and Alliances, YCH).
The coffee was strong (which is great for a 7:00 am start) and the conversation was lively.  Three presentations and facilitated discussion were the predominant agenda items but the objectives were modest; to start a dialogue among stakeholders about CDM, and, to present research regarding gaps in CDM programming.  Almost an hour after the scheduled event was to end; there were still conversations ongoing, which KM staff always sees as an indicator for success!
Elmer FuddAnother indicator of success is the fact 28 people woke up early in support of a 7:15 am start time for this event.  I am a golfer so I am used to this time.  I imagine that hunters are also used to such an early start.  Well, let us now add clinicians, researchers and hospital administrators and the collaborations they make to this list.  KM in the AM season is off to an amazing start!  Elmer Fudd would say so himself if he were there!