Knowledge Mobilization: Maximizing your Career Options — Inside, Outside, and Beside the Academy

I was trained as an immunologist. The title of my major paper from my PhD was “Gallysin-1, an antibacterial protein isolated from hemolymph of Galleria mellonella.” (Dev. Comp. Immunol 18: 13-23). The title of the major paper from my post doc was “Increased enzymatic activity of the T-cell antigen receptor-associated Fyn protein tyrosine kinase in asymptomatic patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus.” (Blood 90 (9):3603-3612) which lead to a patent “Methods for the early detection of HIV infection” (WO1997/021102). I was never trained to be a knowledge broker because no one ever grows up wanting to be one.
For this very reason it is important that organizations like the CFHSS include sessions like Career Corner in the program for Congress. The Career Corner session on May 27 featured Research Impact and Peter Levesque speaking about career paths for KM.
CongressAccording to the Congress program “Knowledge mobilization may be a career goal in itself, but may also lead to other career opportunities with academic and non-academic employers. Did you want to be a knowledge broker when you grew up? This session will explore a day in the life of a knowledge broker, and tell some stories of how people find themselves in this role. Learn about how knowledge mobilization can be a connector between your graduate experience now, and your future employers.”
The session was attended by a capacity audience who engaged with many useful comments and questions. Thanks to Nicole Vaugeois who showed up expecting to be in the audience and ended up being a speaker contributing her experience and expertise to the conversation.
Sessions like this are important as they allow us to bring the opportunities of KM to graduate students who are considering careers inside, outside and beside the academy. Knowledge mobilization as an activity isn’t new but ResearchImpact is a relatively new organization in the KM landscape. Thanks to Congress and The Federation for giving us the opportunity to share.