Reflections on our National KMb Network

I have been very fortunate to work in York’s KMb Unit since February 2006. While we had worked hard over the first four years to build a credible service unit at York, and support the infrastructure for a national knowledge mobilization network, it is the past two months that demonstrate to me that ResearchImpact (Réseau Impact Recherche en français) has flourished!
On April 26 and 27, York KMb hosted the six ResearchImpact partner universities and their respective community United Way’s leadership (along with United Way Canada) for discussions on good KMb practices, collaborative opportunities and national networking. In true KMb fashion, the relationship building is what reflected and represented the foundation of an extensive national KMb network.
Fast forward two weeks, and on May 10 at CAURA (Canadian Association of University Research Administrators) four of the six universities in the network presented a plenary session that demonstrated collaborative projects between our university researchers and local community, demonstrating the value of university-based knowledge mobilization. I was impressed with how our messages were consistent despite gaps in capacity and variations in service models.
Most recently at Congress 2010 at Concordia University I had the chance to experience, once again, the strength of this network. Meetings with UQAM, connecting with brokers from five of the six partner universities, and having 8 days to promote ResearchImpact and reflect on our emerging network all point to an active and dynamic national KMb network.
While we remain short of my vision for ResearchImpact, where every university in Canada is represented with an active KMb service unit, the growth of the past two months is encouraging! I think the next four years will be just an enjoyable!
From the York KMb office,