New KMb in Action Stories

In our recent social media survey (read the blog post about the survey results here), several people said they would be interested in reading more KMb success stories and seeing examples of KMb projects. To answer this call we have added some new stories to the KMb in Action section of our website. Among these stories you can read about: York Prof. Isolde Diaski’s Health Bus Project, University of Victoria Prof. Jutta Gutberlet’s Binning in Victoria project and others. These stories are brief, sometimes featuring videos or supporting documentation and some have a ResearchSnapshot clear langauge research summary but most share the common element of researchers and non-academic partners working together to solve an unmet need.
We know the term knowledge mobilization isn’t always easy to grasp at first so we hope that by sharing some examples of KMb projects and events in action, visitors to our site will better understand what KMb is all about and how we might be able to help them.
Do you have a KMb project or event you would like featured on our website? If so, please contact us at

Binners in Victoria