Post Cards from Congress Day 5 – The more things change….

What Happened: ResearchImpact lead a conversation in the University Affairs Career Corner about knowledge mobilization and career options inside, outside and after the academy. Thanks for Krista Jensen and Phillipe Dugas for participating. We also attended the new SSHRC Program Architecture presentation. See our previous blog on this topic here.
Why is this important: York is leading changes in KMb and students and faculty have the opportunity to embrace an evolving paradigm of engaged scholarship in order to take advantage of the opportunities that come with this change. And there will be change. And there will be opportunity – both in career choices that link research to practice/policy and in SSHRC grant funding that welcomes individual scholarship and engaged scholarship.
Final Thoughts: If you don’t ride the wave of change it will wash over you…

Gisele Yasmeen of SSHRC, Noreen Golfman of CFHSS and Brent Herbert-Copely of SSHRC