Reflections from the 2010 KMb Retreat

August 30, the entire KMb team at York University spent the day at Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation planning for the coming academic year. This has become an annual exercise; the team heads offsite for some unstructured planning and development discussion.

A special shoutout to Elizabeth Monier Williams, Research Communications Officer for York’s Office of the Vice President Research and Innovation. Elizabeth provided a candid and comprehensive analysis of the KMb Unit’s communications.

Reflecting on the day we realize that we have not « jumped the shark », instead we are operating more as a « hive of awesome ». And while we’re likely heading into the tipping point years, we realize we continue the need to distance ourselves from the trainwreck meter. Emo!

That means, roughly, that ResearchImpact is still the leading voice for institutional KMb services in Canada and that we need to continue our efforts to deliver quality services to our faculty, graduate students and community/government partners.

We wish to let you know that 2010-2011 looks to be another great year for York’s KMb Unit. We’re a dynamic team and well positioned to deliver on a strategic and operational mandate of service to the research community at York, as well as our stakeholders beyond the university.

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