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Nom : Aubert Landry
Titre : Conseiller aux grand projets - dossiers numériques
Courriel : aubert.landry@umontreal.ca

Nom : Virginie Portes
Titre : Directrice Projets Structurants
Courriel : virginie.portes@umontreal.ca

Nom : Elisabeth Tutschek
Titre : Conseillère à la mobilisation des connaissances
Courriel : elisabeth.tutschek@umontreal.ca

Université de Montréal is one of the largest research hubs in Canada and the French-speaking world. At a time when multiple fundamental forces of change are intersecting, academic research and scientific rigour are more important than ever.

With its network of affiliated schools, university hospital centres, affiliated university centres, and university institutes, UdeM and its community provide fertile ground to cover the full range of current knowledge and research, in all its forms. UdeM is at the centre of a knowledge community. With its 450 international partners, 400,000 graduates, and 10,000 donors, UdeM has global influence. Each year, Université de Montréal contributes to producing the next generation of top-level researchers, with more than 10,000 graduate students. UdeM is home to 99 Canada Research Chairs spanning all sectors of excellence. The diversity, international perspective, and originality of UdeM’s output testify to the quality and depth of the research carried out by our community

Five strategies are used to guide UdeM research orientations : 1. Identify cross-cutting research topics that combine various hubs of excellence and strengthen the process of starting and supporting major research projects; 2.Facilitate the Innovation Laboratory to stimulate links between research and teaching activities and ensure their relevance in programs through the implementation of major projects  3.Implement a research equity and diversity plan; 4.Increase support and training services that promote and model responsible conduct in research; 5.Identify policies that support broad and open dissemination of knowledge and research data produced at UdeM.

UdeM, via its Office of Research Services and Development, offers a suite of services related to knowledge mobilization and research communication