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Nom : Lupin Battersby
Titre : Knowledge Mobilization Officer
Courriel : Lupin_battersby@sfu.ca

Nom : Alison Moore
Titre : Manager, SFU Knowledge Mobilization Hub
Courriel : ajm30@sfu.ca

Nom : Valorie Crooks
Titre : Strategic Lead Knowledge Mobilization
Courriel : valorie_crooks@sfu.ca


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Le site Web

Le site Web

Aligned with Simon Fraser University’s vision of being a leading engaged university, we aspire to be a world leader in knowledge mobilization, building on a strong foundation of fundamental and applied research. SFU’s commitment to engagement informs how we disseminate knowledge and how we contribute to citizenship in local communities across Canada and around the world. SFU Knowledge Mobilization is a university-wide strategic initiative. As a part of this initiative, the university has established SFU’s Knowledge Mobilization Hub to provide services and supports to SFU researchers across all three of our campuses. The Hub is helping spread the culture of knowledge mobilization at SFU by providing knowledge mobilization consultations, training, and recognition to our faculty, students and staff. The Hub is a partnership of SFU’s Office of the Vice-President, Research and International and SFU Library. It is located in the SFU Library Research Commons at the W.A.C. Bennett Library, SFU’s Burnaby campus.

The Hub provides:

  • Pre and post award support to develop knowledge mobilization plans, provide feedback and guidance on outputs, and access other resources and tools.
  • Introductory workshops on knowledge mobilization and research impact evaluation, webinars on knowledge mobilization activities, a summer institute on policy engagement, and tailored guest lectures
  • Recognition through our Knowledge Mobilizers story series and networks within and beyond the SFU community to build awareness and address limitations of current research assessment approaches