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Name: Andrea Lawrance
Title: Director, Carleton Office for Research Initiatives and Services

Name: Rachel Hirsch
Title: Research Facilitator, Institutional Initiatives

Carleton University was founded by and for the community to provide programs, services and opportunities for students and to undertake research that enables our graduates to become highly qualified participants in a constantly evolving economy and society, and in so doing contribute to a prosperous province, strong nation, and better world. Through education, research, experiential learning, service and innovation, and through the building of sustainable communities, we can foster new ideas and future leaders to create a more sustainably prosperous future for Canada and the world.

Carleton uses a hybrid approach to KMb, with a central resource (Research Facilitator – Strategic Initiatives, Research Impact and Engagement) that works in close partnership with Faculty Research Facilitators. Together we build local, national, and international partnerships to facilitate projects and collaborative activities between University researchers and external partners. Using a human-centred design approach, our knowledge mobilization activities are focused around outreach, education and awareness.