The Royal


Name: Shruti Patel
Title: Director, Interprofessional Research and Knowledge Mobilization

Name: Florence Dzierszinski
Title: President, IMHR, Vice-President- Research, The Royal

The University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR) at The Royal is one of Canada’s foremost research institutes focused on mental health, where our mantra is Research is Care. Knowledge mobilization is part of our ecosystem where research is curated carefully to thrive whilst making an impact both within and beyond the walls of The Royal. The practice of knowledge mobilization aims to elevate a greater reach of research findings towards wider system outcomes. By being embedded in a hospital, we work to answer any research questions and mobilize its findings seamlessly by creating Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary teams of researchers, clinicians, learners, administrative, operational staff, patients, and their families. In doing so, we are able to accelerate our mission to deliver excellence in specialized mental health care, advocacy, research, and education. This results in increased access to more relevant and more useable research findings that drives the impact on decision making within service delivery and individual health outcomes towards influencing health systems at large.