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Name: Rusi Jaspal
Title: Pro- Vice- Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Exchange

Name: Fiona Marquet
Title: Executive Assistant




From small beginnings in 1850s Brighton, the University of Brighton has grown to a complex and diverse institution based in three towns across the south coast of England.

Our ethos is defined by four core values:


We’re committed to developing and nurturing a diverse community, that supports not only inclusion in the university but through the impact of our activities in local, national and international communities. We champion and nurture inclusivity, diversity and equality to the highest levels, recognising the value it has to the future of our students, staff, partners and community.


Nurturing creativity is key to ensuring we continue to grow and develop our activities. We’re committed to creating new, radical and exciting opportunities for our students, staff and community. We recognise the scale of the challenges we face as an institution, society and world and place value on tackling these in creative and innovative ways.


We recognise and value the critical importance sustainability has for the future of our students, staff, partners and community. Whether it’s through buildings of the future, a strong and protected financial position or the long-lasting knowledge and support we give our students and staff – sustainability will be highly valued, underpinning decisions we make and the activities we do, now and in the future.


Partnership is at the core of who we are. Through partnership we create distinctive educational programmes, we share and disseminate our research and enterprise and we create mutual benefit to our city, our region and globally. They are critical to our success as an institution. Our students are part of a dynamic, diverse and creative community that embraces partnership working and that makes a positive difference to society.

Our community and public engagement work is led by our Community University Partnership Programme (CUPP) which creates sustainable partnerships that benefit the local community and the University of Brighton. CUPP helps develop ideas into projects, provides start-up funding and enables networks and communities of practice to  develop.