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Name: Ousmane Sarr
Title: Administrative Officer

Name: Roberto Ortiz Nunez
Title: Knowledge Mobilization Advisor

Name: Terry Campbell
Title: Assistant Vice-President, Research Operations and Strategies




uOttawa, a top-ranked research-intensive university, is at the forefront of creating new knowledge for a changing world and mobilizing its application in areas of social and economic importance.  We engage our local, national and global communities and partners in areas of mutual interest and increase the impact of our research by promoting its uptake into policy, practice, services and products.

The uOttawa Knowledge Mobilization Strategy builds on our collective rich base of expertise and provides the support our entire research community needs to mobilize and increase the impact of their research. 

We are dedicated to 1) building skills in knowledge mobilization among the uOttawa research community, 2) promoting a culture that supports and rewards knowledge mobilization, 3) promoting partnership building between uOttawa research community and knowledge users and 4) contributing to research impact assessment and knowledge mobilization scholarship.