Guide to Impact Planning

This guide to impact planning details various tools for research in the field of social science and humanities, most applicable at the beginning stage of the research process. Social science and humanities researchers and policymakers may find this especially useful with easy-to-understand explanations and a broad range of actionable tools. The impact planning action plan on page 12 was found to be useful.

What our reviewers had to say

This tool was nice because it summarized the other tools nicely as well and gave feedback and information on them. It was like one-stop shopping. Their action planning guide will be helpful to consider how to get started and what tasks to consider as users navigate knowledge mobilization.

“Easy-to-use, comprehensive tools for all stages of planning and execution. There are many helpful diagrams and checklists.”

Hannon, D., Dewaele, A., De Smet, E.& Buysse, A, (2019). Guide to impact planning. Published as a deliverable within the ACCOMPLISSH project (grant agreement No 693477): ACcelerate CO-creation by setting up a Multi-actor Platform for Impact from Social Sciences and Humanities. Retrieved from: