CKF24 Call for Contributions

We are accepting contributions for presentations, workshops, and roundtables that will facilitate active participation, reflection, and learning around knowledge mobilization and research impact. The contribution deadline is March 10th, 2024. 


  • Overview of the Forum + Theme 
  • Contribution Formats 
  • How to Apply 
  • Attendee Priorities 


The Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum (CKF) is a biennial event that provides opportunities for professional development, learning and networking for those interested in knowledge mobilization, translation, and exchange. It brings together a community dedicated to sharing learnings, best practices, tools, and resources. 

CKF has been held in cities across the country and briefly went virtual in 2020 and 2022.  

This time we’re back in person in Montréal on June 19-21st 2024! 

Our objectives are to: 

  • Create a welcoming and engaging event to learn about knowledge mobilization in Canada 
  • Engage professionals across sectors to enable partnerships, collaboration, and networking 
  • Share tools and techniques related to knowledge mobilization in a variety of fields 
  • Facilitate discussions around current and emerging topics in knowledge mobilization 

The forum is a bilingual event. We highly encourage presentations in both English and French. 

Theme: From Ideas to Action: Building Capacity for Knowledge Mobilization and Research Impact 

This year’s theme invites participants to explore the transformative power of turning ideas into action. Emphasizing building capacity for impactful knowledge mobilization, the forum aims to equip attendees with the tools, insights, and collaborative strategies to maximize their influence. 

We are seeking presentations, workshops, and roundtables that facilitate active participation, networking, reflection and learning. We encourage you to co-design a conference experience that reflects your interests, experiences, priorities and learning styles.  

Contribution Formats 

We are seeking contributions in the following formats: 

Lightning Talk 

  • Format: Maximum 5-minute presentation, providing insights into current or emerging knowledge mobilization work, case studies, or innovative projects.  
  • Purpose: Share “what you need to know” about your work or topic of choice. Learn from multiple presenters in a variety of sectors. 
  • Audience: 100+ people in the main auditorium. 


  • Format: 60-minute skill building workshop that focuses on the practical aspects of building knowledge mobilization capacity within organizations and communities. 
  • Purpose: Share methods and tools in an interactive and engaging format. Help participants to improve their skills and understanding to become better mobilizers. 
  • Audience: 20-40 people 

Catalyst Roundtable 

  • Format: 10 to 15-minute presentation followed by a facilitated 30-minute group discussion of the ideas, the connections, and the implications for knowledge mobilization practice.  
  • Purpose: The presentations act as a catalyst for conversation – the value of these sessions emerges from the exchange of ideas and in-depth exploration of emerging knowledge mobilization topics. 
  • Audience: 15-20 people 

Virtual Poster Presentation / Case Study (Asynchronous) 

  • Format: A 5-8 minute pre-recorded video presentation sharing insights and best practices from a knowledge mobilization project or case study.  Can accommodate up to 10 minutes by request. 
  • Purpose: Share “what you need to know” about your work or topic, giving attendees the opportunity to learn in their own time. 
  • Audience: Anyone registered for the Forum will be able to view the presentation within our event platform. 

How to Apply 

To apply, fill out the form.


  • 250-word summary or outline emphasizing the content, objectives, audience and/or format of the contribution 
  • 200-word justification of its relevance 
  • 100-word description for the program 

The contribution deadline for the forum is March 10th, 2024, at 11:59pm PT

Please Note: Presenters must purchase a ticket and be registered for the Forum. Registration will be launched in early 2024. You can expect to be notified about the status of your application in April 2024. 

Attendee Priorities 

We launched a community survey to ask attendees what they want to see at this year’s event. Here’s what they told us: 

  • Fewer panels, shorter talks, and opportunities to learn from peers efficiently 
  • Practical skill-building workshops, hands-on sessions, and best practices development 
  • Learning ‘How KMb is done’ at various institutions across different sectors 
  • Case studies and examples of KMb approaches, methods, success and challenges-solutions 
  • Fun and creative ways of sharing information during sessions 
  • Content for both newcomers to the field, as well as seasoned KMb experts 
  • Topics of interest: Equity-Informed mobilization, Indigenous Perspectives, intergenerational dialogues, new evidence and tools, responding to emerging issues (AI, climate change, disinformation, etc.)