RIC Knowledge Mobilization Exchange Program

The RIC Knowledge Mobilization Exchange Program is now open!

This program builds off the success of the initial KMb Buddy program which was rolled out in 2019. Rebranded and broader in scope, the purpose is to support capacity exchange, mentorship, and leadership development within the RIC Network. RIC Members will be eligible for an award of up to $3000 to support small projects, relevant KMb activities, staff skills development, mentorship, and leadership development. Applications can come from a minimum of two RIC member institutions and need to identify the following:

  • Need – what is the problem or opportunity?
  • Fit – why is this proposed partnership ideal to help address this?
  • Activity – what will take place over the course of this project?
  • Outcomes – what will the project team track to help identify success?
  • Potential Impact – In what ways does this project have the potential to have impact in addressing the need identified?

Mentorship and leadership development are two streams which are relevant for our membership – simply put, we can do our work better through connecting and engaging with colleagues. This program will support these opportunities. In addition, we’re expanding eligibility for small projects, activities, and regional development to address opportunities for knowledge exchange within and across RIC. Expanded awards will help support the capacity to RIC members to do their work better and engage in areas of professional interest.

Travel is eligible; though in some cases remote engagement is possible to successfully network and engage to get the proposed work done.

Awards are capped at $3000, and for the 2022-23 season (to April 30, 2023) we have an allotment of $15,000 to administer through an adjudicated panel of RIC members. Thus, we will seek to award five (5) proposals for the academic year.

The RIC KMb Exchange Program will allow us to demonstrate greater value as a network by enabling ourselves to connect and partner to address issues and opportunities within our network. The two-way exchange of skills, capacity and expertise will help to ensure that brokers and member institutions have greater access to things they need to succeed in their KMb efforts.

It is our hope that we can continue to run this as an ongoing annual offering.

Please send applications to:

For more information, contact Michael Johnny.