1 Million Hits and Counting

We launched www.researchimpact.ca in 2006 and it was pretty much a place holder until May 2007 in time for Congress where ResearchImpact had its launch. The ResearchImpact web site at that time had a video or two (Ben Levin’s talk for example) but was mostly explaining what we were. May 2007 saw 17,773 hits total since inception.
ResearchImpact was updated with some new messages, a new look and a blog added for Congress 2008. More videos were added plus more success stories such as the Aboriginal Policy Research Forum. Some of our business started being transacted on the web site by inclusion of our Opportunity Description Form. May 2008 saw 382,204 hits total since inception.
Again for Congress 2009 we recently update our look and added new functionality including links to our web 2.0 spaces such as our Flickr photostream and our twitter page. A new feature is our ResearchSnapshot series of research summaries, look for more of these towards the end of the summer.
Late in May 2009 we surpassed 1 million hits on www.researchimpact.ca. Today York University released a story on this success. A big THANK YOU to all the faculty, students, funders, partners and administrators who helped ResearchImpact grow to this point.
Now we need to hear from you. Our services continue to evolve but we want to know what you are looking for in a KM web site and a KM service network. Use the comment feature on this blog story to tell us what you’d like to see out of future incarnations of the ResearchImpact web site and the ResearchImpact network.