Knowledge in Motion 2008

Knowledge in Motion, 2008 is a three-day international conference being hosted by Memorial University and organized on its behalf by the Leslie Harris Center of Public Policy and Development to explore the role Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) play in mobilizing knowledge in a regional development context, and how that role is best carried out. From October 16th to the 18th three hundred researchers, policy makers and community developers from around the world will exchange best practices and examine the opportunities to transfer knowledge and improve communications among those interested in continuing efforts to mobilize knowledge, generally and for specific purposes.
An open call to present or facilitate conference content has resulted in over one hundred submissions ranging in content from knowledge mobilization (KMb) processes in community health care to government/private sector collaborations in emerging economic sectors. A draft conference program is attached as is a list of individual submissions grouped under relevant KMb themes. Work is continuing to develop a full program including plenary sessions on media, community and international practices in knowledge mobilization. Iterations of the full conference agenda will be shared promoted at as developed. Registration for the conference and its concurrent sessions will go live via the website the week of July 14th.
You are encouraged to consider attending this innovative conference that will not simple be about knowledge mobilization but will in fact be a form of knowledge mobilization. Four community field trips are being planned as part of the conference program. Leaders for major research funding sources are confirmed. Keynote speakers Bob MacDonald of CBCs Quirks and Quarks, and Dr. Sandra Nutley, University of Edinburgh and author of Using Evidence: How Research Can Inform Public Services have also been confirmed. Other plenary sessions will explore knowledge mobilization from the community perspective, from the public policy-makers perspective and from the media’s perspective.
For more information continue to check the website or contact