Post Card From Congress – Day 1

It’s Opening Day of the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities here at University of Ottawa but for the KMb Unit crew from York it is Day 6 of a 12 day conference marathon.  Following the successes of the CARA and C2U Expo were settled in for a week of networking, engagement and conversation about KMb across Canada
We set up our booth Friday afternoon, right after the C2U Expo was completed.   Ottawa is a wonderful location to meet and network with national organizations, fellow exhibitors who we now consider friends and new leaders in KMb and Engaged Scholarship.
For ResearchImpact this is our 8th Congress now.  We are pleased to share both introductory information about our network and services along with more sophisticated messages like published papers and stories of success throughout the network.
Drop by for a visit.  It promises to be an interesting week and we’re excited for its potential.

Michael Johnny, Manager, Knowledge Mobilization, York Unviersity
Michael Johnny, Manager, Knowledge Mobilization, York University