Post Cards from Congress – Day 2

Today was a day of international connections at the ResearchImpact booth. We met a group funded by the European Union that networks university researchers around knowledge exchange activities. Many of these activities are in KESS Seminars or supporting students working on knowledge exchange projects.
We also had a very engaging conversation with the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. Their Humanities Division has a particular interest in knowledge utilization. From their website: “To strengthen this development it is important that humanities researchers participate in and help to shape the debate about societal, cultural and scientific developments. Furthermore, researchers should actively engage in discussions with parties that use humanities research.”
On their website are stories of best practices and a manual titled “Knowledge Utilization in the Humanities” giving practical advice for humanities researchers seeking to engage their scholarship beyond the academy.
It was exciting to have two conversations about international knowledge mobilization activities on the same day at Congress 2016.
Day 3 will have some big KMboots to fill.

Krista Jensen (York U) at the RIR Booth, Congress 2015
Krista Jensen (York U) at the RIR Booth, Congress 2015