Post Cards from Congress – Day 4

Michael Johnny, RIR – York

ResearchImpact is ubiquitous.

This is my 8th Congress, working the ResearchImpact/ReseauImpactRecherche (RIR) booth. I am confident that our national network is beginning to be seen as national leaders in knowledge mobilization. The last year has been a very positive one for our network, but an important part of emerging leadership is being visible, being ubiquitous.

The first time this term was by the CEO of the United Way York Region. I had shown up for two consecutive evening community consultation meetings UWYR had hosted, the second night with colleagues. The comment went something like this, when we walked in that evening: “My God, you guys are ubiquitous”. Of course, I had heard of the word but did not fully understand the meaning. It was stated in a sincere and appreciative tone. provides this definition for ubiquitous: “existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent”. It’s an appropriate word for ResearchImpact. We seek to engage ourselves in places which can help educate and inform, connect and collaborate, and engage. Congress is an ideal location for our network to exhibit. We have helped promote examples – across the country – of how knowledge mobilization at universities in Canada can provide effective service support for faculty, graduate students and non-academic leaders in community, industry, government and the public. As a network of 10 universities, we are providing comprehensive services in the context of our institutions and surrounding communities.

I’m not sure if I will be at Congress for eight more years, but I am confident RIR will. While I have no plans to leave, I am seeing a growing core of skilled professional knowledge brokers who can capably provide this service (but I do hope I can attend for 8 more years, I love it!!).Image