Postcard from Congress Day 7 – Knowledge is King

What Happened: Today was spent with SSHRC, other Canadian research stakeholders and 17 grantees from the SSHRC “Capturing the Outcomes and Impacts” grants 2006-2008. We were exploring how our SSHRC funded projects might inform decisions at SSHRC to assist in measuring the impacts of research and articulating the benefits of research to various stakeholders from politicians to the Canadian public.
Why is it important: Telling our stories is important. Informing taxpayers and their elected officials of the outcomes and impacts of their investments in social sciences & humanities research ensures that our work remains relevant. Knowledge mobilization is an important element in this equation. If impact is the what (we are trying to achieve) then KMb is the how (we are going to achieve it) – thank you Gisele Yasmeen.
Final thoughts: Knowledge is King. Knowledge Mobilization is the “kingmaker”. Social Impact is the king’s legacy.

Michael Johnny of RI-RIR York