Postcards from Congress Day 8 – Celebrating Canada’s Knowledge Mobilization Network

What Happened: Last day in Montreal, so it’s time for a little reflection. Our network has come of age. In 8 days, I have had the chance to speak with representatives, including other knowledge brokers, from all six RI-RIR universities.
Here are some highlights:

  • 130 quality conversations about RI-RIR and knowledge mobilization at our booth
  • Hosted a Congress Career Corner session about KMb on June 1
  • Presented at the SSHRC Impacts Workshop- “Understanding social sciences and humanities research outcomes and impact: from innovative metrics to success stories” on June 3
  • Attended and supported the national Knowledge Commons conversation
  • Continued to strengthen our relationships with colleagues at SSHRC, the Federation and within the broader KMb community

Why is this Important: Being Canada’s knowledge mobilization network, RI-RIR is now being recognized as a national leader that delivers programs and services. In addition, we are being acknowledged for our significant contributions to help inform the ongoing development of KMb in Canada.
Final Thoughts: The investments we have made over the past four years in attending Congress throughout Canada are paying off for us! The network is alive and well, and if delegates have any say, will grow. By the way, of those 130 conversations, nine other universities in Canada have asked how they can be a part of this network. I think this calls for a beer, to celebrate! See you in Fredericton in 2011!

Michael Johnny of RI-RIR York