Preserving the Past / Préserver le passé

At the University of Victoria, the Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization unit (RPKM) is a campus and community-wide portal to support the development of transformative research. We bring outstanding researchers together with community partners to co-create knowledge for action –knowledge that is mobilized to improve the social, cultural and economic well-being of communities throughout our region and around the globe. Here’s a look at some of our projects with community partners in 2014.
À l’Université de Victoria, l’unité Partenariats en recherche et Mobilisation des connaissances (Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization unit, RPKM) est un portail ouvert aux gens du campus et de la communauté, destiné à soutenir et à renforcer la recherche transformatrice. Nous réunissons des chercheurs exceptionnels et des partenaires de la communauté afin qu’ils créent ensemble un savoir en action – un savoir mobilisé dans le but d’améliorer le bien-être social, culturel et économique des collectivités de notre région et du monde entier. Voici quelques-uns des projets en cours en 2014.

Preserving the past at UVic
Historic charge books are returned to police headquarters after being digitized at UVic

19th century police charge books offer rare glimpse into Victoria’s past.
Imagine a world where you could be criminally charged for merely looking suspicious, or speeding down the road on a horse. This was reality for Victorians living in the 1870s. Thanks to a unique collaboration between the University of Victoria, the Victoria Genealogical Society and the Victoria Police Historical Society, these historical accounts of local law enforcement are being preserved for future generations.
Partnering to preserve a piece of the city’s history, five 19th century charge books from the Victoria Police Department were loaned to the University of Victoria Library’s digitization unit. There, over 2,000 handwritten entries in the charge books were digitized and archived, many of which contain detailed, first-hand accounts of what life was like in Victoria nearly 150 years ago.
Through proper documentation and preservation, these entries will help us gain insight into an important chapter in Victoria’s history.
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