A Milestone for Mobilize This! / Un nouveau jalon pour Mobilize This!

By David Phipps, RIR-York
ResearchImpact-RéseauImpactRecherche (RIR) has been publishing on the knowledge mobilization blog, Mobilize This! since May 30, 2008. This week we hit 100,000 views. In this post we look back on some highlights. Thanks to Krista Jensen for compiling the stats.
ResearchImpact-RéseauImpactRecherche (RIR) a publié sur Mobilize This!, le blogue dédié à la mobilisation des connaissances, depuis le 30 mai 2008. Cette semaine, nous avons atteint les 100 000 visites. Dans ce billet, nous jetons un regard sur certains faits saillants. Merci à Krista Jensen d’avoir compilé les statistiques.

Our first blog on May 30, 2008 only had 161 words. I guess we didn’t have much to say then! And it was English only. We hadn’t started posting bilingual titles and summaries until UQAM joined the RIR network. Our first French post wasn’t until January 26, 2011.
Our busiest day was February 23, 2012 with 281 views. On average we get between 80-100 views every weekday, fewer on the weekends.
Amazingly, people from 143 countries have visited the blog.  143 countries! This blog has a truly international audience.
The top ten countries since February 25, 2012 are:

  1. Canada 11,722 views
  2. USA 2,349 views
  3. UK 1,287 views
  4. India 544 views
  5. Australia 356 views
  6. Philippines 271 views
  7. Spain 143 views
  8. France 139 views
  9. Indonesia 139 views
  10. Netherlands 131 views

People find us through different ways:

  1. Search Engines (Google Image Search is the top one, followed by Google Search) 14,932 views
  2. researchimpact.ca 4,923 views
  3. twitter 2,102 views
  4. facebook 339 views
  5. yorku.ca 253 views
  6. Our monthly email newsletter  250 views
  7. Google reader  248 views
  8. mail.live.com (people who have subscribed to get new post alerts in their email inbox) 225 views
  9. Guardian.co.uk (from Guardian Higher Education Network blog) 158 views
  10. wordpress.com 152 views

We get lots of ping backs and some comments. We have had 373 total comments, with an average of 5 comments per month. Our most commented on blog with 18 comments is Knowledge Dissemination: blogging vs peer review from January 11, 2011.
Top 5 posts of all time:

  1. Knowledge Dissemination: blogging vs peer review  1,005 views
  2. Mama always told me, “share your toys” / Ma mère m’a toujours dit : « partage des jouets! »  860 views
  3. ACCELERATE Ontario – Ontario’s Graduate Research Internship Program 859 views
  4. Postcards from Congress – Day 7: Thanks to WLU and UW 804 views
  5. Knowledge Mobilization for Climate Change – Internship Programme Competition 792 views

We have loaded 306 tags and created 20 categories.
And in the world of “huh?” the top five terms people search for in a search engine that led them to the blog are:

  1. Neil Armstrong
  2. Elmer Fudd
  3. twitter logo
  4. busy
  5. Dalton McGuinty

Elmer Fudd??? We mentioned him once on September 28, 2009. And he drives traffic to our blog? Imagine the traffic we would get if we mentioned Justin Beiber. Or Lady Gaga. Or Prince William. Oh wait… we just did!
Thanks to everyone who reads, comments and writes for Mobilize This! Merci à tous et  a toutes.